Java the Hutt


Our bizarrely world famous,   Java-The-Hutt (google us) features Fair Trade coffee espressos, regular brewed coffee and specials.  We also offer Italian sodas, hot chocolate/caramal. Various herb and black teas. We offer 2% , Skim, or soy milk.

Come try some of our specials:

“Aktis Sunrise”,  “Houpsitas Sunset”, “You’re Real Nutty”, “Orange Eclipse”, “Milky Way”, “Misty Morning”, “Tree Hugger”(‘Hug A Logger”), “Brittle Star”, “Turtle”,  “Dark Vader”, “Peppermint Paddy” (Our girls are always coming up with new specials, so this list is always in flux!)

(Java-The-Hutt will be merging with the Old Schoolhouse Restaurant for the summer of 2010 at the head of our dock. Poor thing is threatening to fall into the sea off the float, so must be given a new dock for next year-unless by popular demand  it stay merged 😉 )